Monday, January 25, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When silence falls..

This post is dedicated to a close friend of mine who recently lost someone very dear to them. I don't think there's really much to say but a thought did come to mind while I was driving to school today.
There will always be a time for everything. Different emotions, different circumstances will cycle throughout our lives bringing us as high up and deep below as possible. But one thing that will always remain constant and in humility is God's love for us. And I think we often forget the power of this truth and the amazement it offers us... that there really exists a love that is unchanging under circumstances, a love that perpetuates without the need to be deserving of it, a love that is patient in a world so quick-tempered, and finally a love that never fails to be our solid rock.
God chooses us to be His sheep and we choose Him because we will never find a love like His, ever.

I've had questions, without answers
I've known sorrow, i have known pain
but theres one thing, that i'll cling to
you are faithful, Jesus your true

when hope is lost, i'll call you saviour
when pain surrounds, i'll call you healer
when silence falls, you'll be the song within my heart

In the lone hour, of my sorrow
through the darkest night of my soul
you surround me, and sustain me
my defender, forever more

I will praise you, i will praise you
when the tears fall, still i will sing to you
Through the suffering still i will sing..